Regarding the Afrikaans hamer (hammer) and you will kop (head)

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Regarding the Afrikaans hamer (hammer) and you will kop (head)

H: hamerkop so you’re able to howzit

hamerkop (noun) – South African marsh bird (Scopus umbretta), linked to the storks, having a well known crest towards head.

Hanepoot (noun) – Nice drink made from the new muscat blanc d’Alexandrie grape cultivar, and you may another title because of it cultivar.

hang from an excellent (adjective) – Extremely or big, such as: “It is hang away from a difficult” or “I’d a great hang of a problem”.

hello (exclamation) – Term that can be used as the a separate question definition “pardon?” or “what?” – “Hi? What do you state?” Otherwise you can use it in order to punctual endorsement or agreement, like in “It actually was good flick sugar daddy uk, hi?”

homelands (noun) – The fresh spurious “independent” claims where black colored Southern area Africans was in fact forced to take citizenship within the plan of apartheid. Labeled as bantustans.

howzit (exclamation) – Well-known Southern African enjoy that translates about once the “Just how are you currently?”, “Exactly how was things?” or simply “Hello”. Of “Just how could it possibly be?”

I: imbizo to isiZulu

imbizo (noun) – Gathering called by the a vintage commander, or one fulfilling or workshop. On isiZulu biza (label, summon)

Iscamtho, isiCamtho (noun) – Tsotsitaal (gangster vocabulary), a generally-verbal township patois comprised of an amalgam out of words of isiZulu, isiXhosa, Afrikaans and several English. About isiZulu camto (speak).

J: ja to simply today

jawelnofine (exclamation) – Virtually, “sure (ja inside Afrikaans), really, no, fine”, all-in a single word. A phrase regarding resignation otherwise puzzlement similar to “How about you to definitely?”

Joburg (noun) – Johannesburg, Southern area Africa’s premier area. Immediately after relaxed, it’s now put on the metropolis out of Johannesburg representation.

jol (noun, verb and you may adjective) – Celebration, fun, party (noun); celebrate, have fun, group, dancing and take in (verb). Somebody who do these items try good joller. Regarding the Afrikaans for “dance” otherwise “party”; maybe connected with “jolly”. From time to time spelled “jawl” or “jorl”.

K: kaaskop in order to kwela-kwela

kaaskop, chiskop, chizkop, cheesekop (noun) – Bald person, otherwise person that have a shaved direct. “Kop” is actually Afrikaans having direct. “Kaas” ‘s the Afrikaans for mozzarella cheese. Why “cheese-head” means hairless body’s unclear.

kasie (noun) – Shortened sorts of the newest Afrikaans lokasie (location), brand new more mature keyword to own township – the low-earnings dormitory suburbs exterior urban centers and you may metropolitan areas to which black South Africans was in fact confined in the apartheid point in time.

Khoikhoi [also Quena] (noun) – Native Khoisan anyone residing in southwest Southern Africa, Namibia and you can Botswana, for instance the Nama, in addition to their dialects. Throughout the Nama getting “someone somebody” otherwise “actual anyone”.

kiepersol (noun) – Cabbage forest. On the Afrikaans, originally perhaps from the obsolete Indian English kittisol (parasol). The new tree has many similarity to a keen umbrella.

kikoi (noun) – Attractively patterned cotton cloth which have fringed closes made use of once the a laid-back wraparound top, otherwise fabric, or picnic blanket. About Kiswahili.

knobkierie (noun) – Attacking stay glued to a dick into the company stop. About Afrikaans knop (knob) additionally the Khoisan kirri otherwise keeri , (stick).

koeksuster (noun) – And spelled koeksister . Traditional Malay and you will Afrikaner nice, produced from twisted yeast dough, deep fried and you can dipped from inside the syrup. The right-wing enclave off Orania from the North Cape even has its own sculpture on koeksister. The definition of comes from the newest Dutch koek (cake) and you will sissen (to sizzle).

kombi (noun) – Minibus cab. On Volkswagen proprietary title Kombi, on the Italian language Kombiwagen. Volkswagen minibuses was in fact the original used in the original levels of South Africa’s minibus taxi transport trend of your early 1980s, no matter if today most other auto renders are utilized.

korhaan (noun) – Selection of species of much time-legged African bird (genus Eupodotis) used in discover country. On the Dutch korhaan (black male grouse), out of korren (too coo) and you may haan (cock).

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