Dating between diet salt, potassium, and you can calcium, anthropometric spiders, and you may blood pressure when you look at the younger and you may middle aged Korean grownups

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Dating between diet salt, potassium, and you can calcium, anthropometric spiders, and you may blood pressure when you look at the younger and you may middle aged Korean grownups


Epidemiological proof the consequences away from weight loss sodium, calcium, and you may potassium, and you will anthropometric indexes to the blood pressure levels has been contradictory. To analyze the relationship between fat loss items otherwise anthropometric spiders and you can blood circulation pressure chance, i checked out brand new relationship of systolic and diastolic blood pressure level (SBP and you can DBP) which have salt, calcium, and you may potassium consumption and you will anthropometric spiders for the 19

49-year-olds using study out of Korean Federal Health and Nourishment Examination Survey (KNHANES) III. Complete out-of 2,761 more youthful and you will middle-aged people (574 old 19

forty-two decades) were chose off KNHANES III. General advice, nutritional reputation, and anthropometric research was in fact compared ranging from two a long time (19

44 yrs old). The relevance out of hypertension and you can chance facts for example age, gender, bmi (BMI), lbs, waist circumference, plus the intakes regarding salt, potassium, and you can calcium supplements was determined by multiple regression analysis. Numerous regression designs indicated that waist circumference, lbs, and you may Body mass index were absolutely on the SBP and you can DBP in age groups. Salt and you may potassium intakes were not associated with sometimes SBP or DBP. Certainly 30

49-year-olds, calcium is actually inversely associated with each other SBP and you can DBP (P = 0.012 and 0.010, respectively). Our conclusions recommend that promising calcium supplements consumption and pounds handle will get enjoy a crucial role however reduction and you can handling of blood pressure during the early adulthood.


Enhanced blood pressure level is actually a primary cause of shots, heart attacks, and heart inability . Blood pressure levels try an emerging exposure factor that explanations more than seven.1 million premature deaths annually all over the world, and is getting more prevalent inside development nations [dos,3]. As the prevalence rate out of blood pressure into the Korean grownups is actually , more than forty five% of these who had been 60 years of age and older suffered from blood circulation pressure [4-7]. Has just, the treatment rates one of those over age 60 try increased to above 64%. The populace below ages forty two, yet not, had a drugs rate of below 37% for the 2007 . Which medication rates is approximately fifty% lower than the pace regarding old class. It is crucial to examine the connection between risk affairs and blood pressure when it comes to those adults who’re significantly less than forty two yrs . old to cease and would blood pressure within afterwards life.

Manage cost having hypertension was terrible and only 38.3% off detected instances of blood pressure is controlled in the Korea . Fit lifestyles connected with physical exercise, diet plan, weight reduction, and you can reasonable liquor play with are essential to your reduction and you may control away from blood pressure level . A boost in pounds or Bmi boosted the likelihood of blood pressure from the 1.six to at least one.8 minutes in Norway . People having an effective Body mass index of twenty-four kilogram/yards several showed an increase in one another systolic bloodstream pressure (SBP) and you may diastolic blood pressure levels (DBP) . Healing approaches that focus on diet plan be seemingly promising because metabolic research and you can epidemiological investigation show that numerous nourishment try inversely on the blood pressure level. An earlier search means that raising the consumption off potassium and you can calcium supplements will get dump hypertension, and other nutrients are also associated with hypertension . Salt consumption is recognized as being a factor that develops blood pressure [12-14], when you’re calcium supplements consumption get lose blood pressure level [15-17]. Research also has found that the supply of this type of nourishment (such dairy foods) is relevant to their effect on blood pressure levels . Simultaneously, research conducted recently regarding National Health and Nourishment Test Survey (NHANES) III investigation including revealed that sufferers regarding the higher quartile out of salt intake had been expected to keeps increased DBP .

When you look at the 2007, this new salt consumption throughout the Korean populace try 5,260.dos milligrams/big date , which is not only 2.five times higher than the recommended consumption peak to have salt getting Koreans , as well as exceeding the original chance factor number of step three,five-hundred milligrams/big date which had been advised from the Geleijnse et al. . Furthermore, calcium intake is actually 552.cuatro milligrams/time, that has been below the new 800 milligrams/time first risk factor peak advised by Geleijnse mais aussi al. . This type of nutrient intakes, in addition to anthropometric spiders, may adversely apply at blood pressure in the Korean society. But not, there were pair education one address the connection anywhere between dietary products (salt, potassium, calcium supplements, etc) otherwise anthropometric details and hypertension chance during the investigation in the Korean Federal Health and Nutrition Test Questionnaire (KNHANES).

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